More About NutritionWerks...

NutritionWerks was incorporated in 1997 and serves in a variety of education/teaching capacities including:

Outpatient nutrition therapy for:

-Type 1 Diabetes
-Gastroenterology Disorders
-Type 2 Diabetes
-High Blood Pressure Concerns
-Cholesterol Management issues
-Renal disease
-Weight Loss
-Chronic Fatigue
-Food Allergies
-Cancer Prevention
-Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
-Sports Medicine

Exercise program development, weight loss, sports medicine and nutrition supplement concerns
Development and provision of Federal and State workshops for Diabetes and nutrition services
Corporate nutrition education programs provided to area companies such as:

-Sprint Corporation
-American Century Investors
-Associated Wholesale Grocers
-Black & Veatch
-Midwest Research Institute
-Liberty Hospital
-Hen House Markets
-Hoecht Marion Roussel

Frequent professional nutrition resource for the Kansas City Star Newspaper, KMBZ radio and Fox TV

Nan Borchardt
Nan Borchardt, RD,LD,CDE
NutritionWerks, Inc., President

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